Optus Zoo password reset not working


Hi, I am trying to check and set my PSMS spend limit. From My Account it redirects me to Optus Zoo to do this. I clicked on the Fogotten Password link and got the verification code sent to my mobile number. After I enter this code and new password, the next page loads which says site is unavailable. This has been happening for the last 4 days.


I had asked a customer support rep to set my spend limit to $0 and just want to go in a check this. Very annoying that you cannot do this in My Account and even more annoying that I cannot reset my Zoo password to log into Zoo to check this as required.







Re: Optus Zoo password reset not working


Hey @LamHC,


So sorry to hear that Smiley Sad 


You're welcome to PM me with your mobile number, full name and date of birth & I'd be happy to confirm the change for you.

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