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Occasional Contributor waspo
Occasional Contributor

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

It’s a little confusing but once you click on that link you posted, which is for logging into your ‘My Internet Account’ by the way, click on ‘MyAccount’ on the far right hand corner. It will then take you to another page where you have to log onto ‘MyAccount’. Your main billing and info account. Once in, if you’re using your phone you will have to click on the ‘bars’ (settings) on the top left to reveal the menu. Then you will see ‘profile’. If you’re using a computer you will see ‘profile’ on the top menu sitting between ‘billing & payments’ and ‘track orders’. 


Optus has different log in pages so that is why it’s confusing to navigate. Yay for Optus! (Sarcasm) Give it a try and see how you go! 

Contributor lethal42

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Hi all, Jayarbee...please note that Optus staffers refuse to accept that we do not control our subscription to these groups/spam groups...and also that the 'unsubscribe' on the bottom of many of these spam emails....ARE JUST WORDS...not a hyperlink. Having said that, can we kindly keep the focus of this trail to date in perspective. thanks & cheers lethal42

Contributor Ralph

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

I know this won't help anyone and this has probably been covered earlier in this topic, but in any case I can't resist posting... Optus' website is YEARS out of date. This page says:


"FREE Optus Email Spam Filtering - Try Optus Email's FREE Spam Filtering tool and discover other tips for protecting your email from unwanted messages. You will need to activate Spam Filtering for each of your Optus email addresses separately.

How does the Optus Email Spam Filter work?

The Optus Email Spam Filter has been designed to protect you and your family from receiving Spam or unsolicited commercial email.

The Spam Filter will check your email as it arrives at your mailbox on the Optus mail systems. If the email is identified as Spam it will be moved to a separate Spam Folder.

The Spam Filter uses both detailed statistical analysis and a constantly updated "blacklist" to sort out unwanted messages. It provides you with an effective way of minimising the volume of spam that you receive.

It's very simple to use. To activate or deactivate the Spam Filter you need to login to the Spam Filtering page using your Optus username and password, click on the "Activate Spam Filtering" button then agree to the terms & conditions and it's done. The Spam Filter is available for all your Optus email addresses at no charge; you simply need to activate it using the same process for each address.

When activated, all email that you receive will be automatically filtered to remove as much spam as possible before it gets to your Inbox."


The text links to but this is a redundant link, as it simply redirects to webmail. That's a big FAIL for website maintenance, Sloptus.

New Contributor Arog
New Contributor

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Hi Waspo, can you confirm how you turned off 'marketing' on white pages?

Much appreciated


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