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Hi, Lethal42


re: the unsubscribe advice from Optus.


I thought that, by now, it was accepted practice throughout the internet, that you NEVER click on an Unsubscribe link from an unfamiliar site.  It could lead to a lot more than just text!  When are Optus going to learn?







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Wow! From reading the wholly unbelievable last few posts in this thread, I'd say Optus staff need to go back to Internet 101 class! I can confirm that a friend of mine is receiving about 20 spams a day from buggers she's never signed up to (weight loss and such garbage). I told her I'd check out the spam filtering options for her since I'm also an Optus walking-wounded, oops, I mean customer. I'd assumed there would be a switch in Webmail so that you can decide whether or not you want spam filtering, but I could find no such switch. Hence I assume the spam filtering is on by default, and can't be turned off. Hence we can conclude... that it's a wholly useless service that obviously does not work. Nice work, Sloptus. 

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Hi Ralph (and all other good folk),


Thanks for the post, Ralph and all the Kudos...did you realise that comedy like yours pays? You should be on the stage.



Well nothing from the TIO since my last post,

Accordingly, I can only assume that they have either accepted the poor, inaccurate and compromised info from the optus cust sols person (I assume this individual is human), unlike their communication.


Quite pathetic really, and no real world gravitas (either in the TIO or cust sols (so called) at optus.


The spam filter is little more than a joke....or fraud.


Customers wondering about this WILL come across these threads...and eventually optus may even really review it (not just the lip service we have seen to date).


I am considering writing back to the TIO, asking them why no communication and sending the letter I gave optus a advance copy of....but why bother nothing appears to be going to change anytime soon.


I have however started using a new email addy (we all know how much 'fun' it is to change these), espec after using the same one for 9 years. This came about mainly due to Optus webmails failures...clearly. I did not subscribe to anything, and check ALL End User Licence Agreements I enter into 9and I mean ALL)...and run it thru 'eulalyser' (available from just in case.


Again I will keep the good folk here appraised as I can.







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Hi guys, good to see this thread is still alive and active. lol! 


Last week I woke to 2500 emails sitting in my ‘Inbox’. All spam. The more I tried to delete them the more they kept coming in. My ‘Spam Folder’ was overflowing with 11000 emails!!!


Anyway, I contacted Optus and the first operator told me he’ll take my details off the ‘White Pages’ because my phone number and email were registered on it. Ha ha! Big fail! My number is private and not in the ‘White Pages’ plus your email isn’t registered on the ‘White Pages’! 

The second operator confirmed this with me but he told me to get into the marketing settings and to switch off all media marketing so that I wouldn’t receive any spam. 


Anyway, I did all that but the spam still kept coming. I decided I would just abondon that email and just create another. A real pain though because it’s my primary email and I use it for everything. But, to cut to the chase I waited a couple of days and kept an eye on the spam activity and slowly but surely the spam slowed down and finally ceased. Now my primary account is back to normal. No more spam. Hooray!!! Smiley Happy

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Hi @waspo,


I believe that what occasionally happens is a spambot (or a network of spambots) will be triggered, and if your email address is one of the unlucky ones, for a few hours/days you get blasted with hundreds - or, as you found out, even thousands - of spams. You'll no doub't find that they are all nearly identical. Eventually the bot's activity stops, and so, so does the spam.


This has happened to me many times over the years - but because I primarily use Gmail for my email rather than Optus, all of those spams (and I mean ALL of them) automatically go into Gmail's Spam folder. Simple. Effective. No Muss, No Fuss! No need even to click a button to report the first one! Why? Because Gmail's spam filtering is everything that Sloptus' isn't.


I'd really advise everyone who doesn't have their own domain name to get a free Gmail account, and forward all your Optus email to that account, for two reasons: the first I've just explained :-)  And the second is that when you eventually abandon Optus for another ISP, you won't need to change your email address, since by that time all your contacts will know your Gmail address, which is 'ISP agnostic' as it were, so it will never need to change.


I'd imagine that the other free webmail providers such as Hotmail (or whatever the heck their branding is this week!) most probably have spam filters that are just as good as Gmail's, but Gmail is the one I have experience with.


Hope that may help others :-)

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"The second operator confirmed this with me but he told me to get into the marketing settings and to switch off all media marketing so that I wouldn’t receive any spam" - where is this setting?

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Thanks Ralph, this is great info. I had no idea about the ‘spambot’ problem until now and GMAIL sounds like the better alternative. I will look into setting up an account. Cheers, Jase! 

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Slipper, log onto your ‘MyAccount’ and click on ‘Profile’. You will see ‘General Marketing’ where you can switch off ‘All Marketing’. Also check your ‘My Subscriptions’ below that and make sure you’re not subscribed to anything. 

By the sounds of it it’s probably all going to be in vain if none of that’s going to work. But give it a try anyway. Smiley Wink

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

[ Edited ]

@waspo can you please give a link? I'm logged into but I can't find 'Profile' anywhere there, but perhaps that's not the page you mean?

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Hi Ralph,

I know what you're saying, but I, and others, want Optus to believe us when we say that, just because the incoming emails contain an 'unsubscribe' link does NOT mean that we asked to be on a mailing list.

I have changed back from getting my Optusnet email via Gmail, because I thought that the Optus filter was now catching (almost) all of the crap.  If they still haven't learned, then I'll go back to filtering through Gmail - and leave the Yes Crowd!



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