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Moderator Marie

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Thanks for the update Starspawn, have you flagged these emails as SPAM to assist the filtering?


Have you spoken with our 24/7 Tech team to assist you further with this? 

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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Occasional Contributor Starspawn
Occasional Contributor

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Reported Hundreds via SPAM filter - same addresses appear the next day.

Reported to - no change

Tech help = NO HELP




The SPAM filter does NOT work!

Contributor lethal42

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Welcome to 'our' world Starspawn.


I firmly believe the mods here (and in Facebook) are in denial as their hands are APPARENTLY tied, despite the percption that something should and can be done.


Read the prior tread trail, and I await the TIO's invovlement.





New Contributor Slipper
New Contributor

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Am also a frustrated Optus user as they do not appear to put any effort into stopping spam at the ISP end.  Mails to their abuse email address result in less than nothing. 

I constantly receive spam from ThePrimeTimeTV <> and similar addresses e.g. ThePrimeTimeTv  <> despite blocking it in Optus webmail.  I have anti-spam software which blocks it in Outlook, but I want it stopped at the ISP end, not when it gets to me.  

Will Optus ever do anything about this issue?

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Occasional Contributor Tasha111
Occasional Contributor

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Hello @Slipper welcome to our club.   Im sorry to inform you but Optus cannot do anything in my opinion.  My other friends on this thread - @lethal42 (hello Lethal) have tried numerous things but to no avail.  Ive had this problem for years and like some of the others here, my spam emails are still coming and neverending.   To the Optus Moderators, I thank you for your help, really I do, but you need to perhaps take this to a higher department to try and solve it.   

New Contributor LouStan
New Contributor

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Please see my "final comment" at the bottom of this post, bu this is the background  I'm trying to set up spam fillter for webmail as well as sorting out a couple of email issues for a friend who has an Optusnet service/email.  Tried "Chat": 

  • The link takes you to a blank page.  Fantastic!!!!! (NOT)

After waiting on the phone for over 30 mins for technical support the answers were, frankly, useless. I found out more about the limited services provided by Optus (what they're unable to do) as opposed to any solutions.  Answers from technical support as follows (not a complete record as I don't want to bore you, but you get the gist):

  • Q - Is there a spam filter I can use with webmail? A - You can drag the spam into your spam folder
  • Q - So is there a filter service available for webmail?  A - If you receive spam from the same address repeatedly, Optus systems filtering will pick it up automatically and class it as spam.  You don't have to do anything apart from checking your spam folder for non spam email.
  • Q - If I drag an email from the inbox into the spam folder, does that, automatically, build up a spam list that is applied to my own email account? After the first email is moved to spam folder, will future email from the same sender be blocked or moved to spam folder automatically  A - Not sure but it should.
  • Yada - yada - yada...

So summarising

Online chat support shown as 24/7 ? DOES NOT WORK for more than 2 days

Phone support?   Took 3 attempts to eventually get onto someone to receive advice that was useless.

Online FAQ on OPtus page?  Its out out of date and/or incorrect.  They don't even provide email setup infomation after Outlook 2010..

Imap or Pop email?:   POP so synchronising over myltiple devices is complicated - at best.

Links on Optus website?  Try  - Response? "This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.


I'm with Telstra (and they're not that great) but Optus?  They've reached new lows.

*****Final comment ****

Why would anyone subscribe to Optus - as a new customer - and why would anyone continue to use them?  

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Contributor lethal42

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Hi Guys, 


'Interested Mods', fellow threaders and eSPECIALly you are all well.


An update on my TIO efforts.


My TIO complaint has been referred back to optus customer solutions.

The TIO complaint was two fold (one about poor wi-fi, and THIS).


The wi-fi issue maybe addressed, though it doesnt look like it, by a tech sending out a new modem and seperate wi-fi router, last week...seems no different though....indeed the reach is less!


It is supposed to be a 2 band modem and thereby INCREASE the 'reach'.


The REAL issue has met an impasse with the cust solutions person, who refuses to accept that:

- Optus webmail cannot determine whether I am subscribed/registered to some spammers. She therefore states that whilst I remained subscribed they can do nothing. How could it?


- That unsubscribing is simply another way of replying...and validating your email address to the spammers (as many have found and much research points too). This is amazing lack of knowledge/Reality for someone charged with TIO interactions.


It looks like my issue(s) are headed back to the TIO for further review and a determination (I hope).


Keep you all updates...and in the interim have a joyous and SAFE Christmas and New Year...with your families, own Gods, or neither.





Contributor lethal42

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Hi Guys and Gals,

Further to to my last post, here is the latest and apparently final communication from our 'friendly' optus customer solutions' staff.

'Couldnt be bothered' or 'thrown hands in the air':...leave that assumption to you....


Dear Mr


As previously outlined:


  • A specialist investigator reviewed your account for spam. This review was not automated via webmail, it was specifically conducted based on the concerns you raised via the TIO.
  • The investigation identified that you have been reporting approximately 10-20 new emails as spam each day for some time.
  • The investigator checked those reported emails and identified the clear majority of them are from mailing lists, from various companies that your email address has been signed up to.
  • This means that these emails are not spam and therefore cannot be blocked.
  • Optus continuously reviews and amends our spam filter parameters to remove as much spam as possible, however Optus can never promise to remove 100% of spam 

I have provided a copy of your spam review conducted by our specialist investigator to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s office.                                                        


Optus’ final position regarding you spam concerns is we are unable to provide any further assistance with this specific matter.


Please note that further correspondence regarding spam on your Optus email account will not be responded to.


She has obviously never worked in relationship development...and refuses to accept optus platforms limitations and reality.


Stay safe all!




New Contributor jayarbee
New Contributor

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Hi Lethal42,


I agree with you about the amount of spam which has been missed by the Optus filter in the last few months - although it obviously does catch a lot.


Is it possible that the 'specialist investigator' knows so little about how the internet works that he/she thinks that, because an incoming email contains an 'Unsubscribe' link, it means that the recipient must have asked to be put on a mailing list?


I hope they finally take notice, before I have to get my email via



Contributor lethal42

Re: Optus Webmail SPAM Filter

Hi Jayarbee,


Thanks for the note.


Yes it probably DOES catch alot.

However it should also LEARN or catch addresses it is told too.


It does not.


That the 'special investigator' apparently has little knowledge verified by non-response by her colleagues I spoken too.


She thinks the spammer HAVE SUBSCRIBED me...hence it wont bounce them.


The worrying part was unsubscribe advise.....and a trial here (suggested by the second cust sols person) found that the links to unsubscribe are in many cases...just words (not a link at all). Sneaky buggers!


I have had some success in regard to the secondary issue I raised with the TIO...though this success was only brought about my more expense (in buying another wifi router) ...suggested by optus cust sols...believe it or not.


A Netgear (the brand of modem optus use) WI-fi router...4 times better than a sagecom.

Wonder what they were paid or kicked back to promote this sage___ brand.


The one I got was newer and cheaper than a nighthawk (netgear advertise) for thought (on the secondary issue)..





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