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I have a problem with my Optus webmail.   Not sure Im asking this in the right location either.

Somehow, when mail from an online forum I am a member of comes in it ends up in the Spam folder in webmail .

I cant find a way or an option to make future incoming mail from that forum end up in the inbox .

Im not getting the emails when I look for mail from that forum on my iphone or computer email because of this I think .

I can transfer an email from spam to inbox but this doesnt seem to solve the problem.

 How can I make the forum emails go to the inbox ?


Re: Optus WebMail


If you open the message in the spam folder there is an icon at the top that lets you mark the message as not spam.






Re: Optus WebMail


Thanks for that . Ill go try it and see what happens.

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