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This has been an ongoing issue for me over the last three months. Hoyts say they can't do anything about it which I call BS as it is a service we are entitled too as an Optus customer. I couldnt get into Star Wars yesterday because every time I get to processing my payment it logs me out and sends me right back to the start screen. I've tried mobile, iPad, laptop. Nothing works. Extremely frustrated. It was my understanding that the issue had been fixed.

Re: Optus Perks not working


I gave up last time. Now I'm trying to buy tickets in a presale and still can't log in.  Now it's saying there is no phone account linked to my email. But if I try and register the same email it says I can't because is already registered! Far out, so frustrating.

Re: Optus Perks not working


Hey @NinaG, sorry to hear you are still having issues. You can email the Perks team directly at with your account details and email address. They will check your profile on their end to make sure everything is provisioned correctly moving forward.

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Re: Optus Perks not working


What's worst is that the Optus Perks, is that there is no perks anymore. We used to get a few dollar discounts, now we pay the same as normal person, accept we don't get charged a booking fee. Previously, we get discount and no booking fee. It seems Optus is cheap skates these days!!!

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