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I had been using the Optus Mobile App (iOS) since I've been an Optus customer with no issues. Over the Christmas period the app was showing my usage total in pertentage but was not showing me the breakdown. Not to worry, systems gone on holidays like I have.


About a week later I can now no longer see any service details, usage, breakdown, nothing, via the 'Service' tab in the app. Instead I am presented with a screen that tells me this feature is "Coming Soon" with a button for 'My Account' which opens a web view to login to the Optus website. From there I can see the total usage but no longer the breakdown.


I have deleted the app, and cleared Safari cookies and cache on the mobile a few times now with still no luck. Is anyone else have these issues? I've also been on WebChat with about three different support staff to no avail.


My service is working fine but I cannot simply view the status or manage my service like I used to be able to.

Re: Optus Mobile App - Service Details Not Showing


I just tried with my phone on the new accounting system (Jarvis) and it's working just fine.

I would ask Optus to delete your "online account", wait 24-48hrs and then recreate your online account to access the data via the App. 

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Re: Optus Mobile App - Service Details Not Showing


Cheers I'll try that.


Re: Optus Mobile App - Service Details Not Showing


Righto, I just got off the phone to Optus support and learnt why it is not working.


The 'My Optus' mobile application has been designed for Mobile Services (phone + data) and has not been built for MBB+ or WBB services. The fact that the service was working for my MBB+ service is due the numbers being recycled.


What this means is my MBB+ was still labelled as a Mobile Phone service in one of the systems, this allowed me full visibility of my usage and data breakdown via the mobile app. It stopped working due to data clean up activity that is occuring the background.


Interestingly I was told that this service is not accessible for WBB or MBB+ service and is in fact 'Coming Soon'. Funny that this labelling issue on my number is what originally gave me a service still 'under development'!

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