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Optus Live Chat is totally unreachable

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Hey guys.


Can somebody please provide me with a working link for accessing the Live Chat team? I'm absolutely incapable of connecting on any device, any browser, at any time of the day or night. The official links on the Optus website aren't even links, basically just blue-coloured text. On the app, Live Chat attempts to connect forever, it never reaches a representative. Any direct links I find through Google are broken or lead to blank white pages, even the ones suggested on the phone when you're on hold like I think I've gone 2 years without being able to access Live Chat. It would be so much more convenient than sifting through 35 phone menus only to reach the wrong department after a 30-minute wait, and repeating all the details you gave to the automated menu when you finally reach a rep.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Live Chat is totally unreachable




Online chat is working for me on my android phone;



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