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I rjust finished solving my issue through online chat with Optus. I also requested a transcript of my chat to be sent to my email. I assume that this doesn't take too long but it has yet to arrive. Does anyone know how to obtain transccripts in a timely matter?

Thank you.

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There has been a few complaints about the chat transcript not coming through and I guess Optus could argue the email address was keyed incorrectly. I don't know who you could speak to about that. I do screen captures if its important.

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Hey @mh2908 - sorry to hear you've had issues getting the transcript here! Has it been emailed through to you since requesting? If not, as the chat was recent, we should be able to obtain a copy for you. Can you please confirm with me your account number, full name & DOB via PM? We'll also need the date of the chat, approximate time, what was discussed and any account numbers you provided the chat representative. 

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