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I've recently installed Pihole at home which allows me to observe and filter out malicious sites including malware. After implementing it I noticed Optus Live chat no longer worked from my phone. So I checked the logs and there were requests to a domain:


being blocked every time. Once I whitelisted it worked.


So I did a search and found this article: which seems to indicate this is assocated with Adware/Malware. Can someone explain this to me and why something like Optus Chat would need this? I may just be missing something.

Re: Online Chat Uses Uses "" Adware/Malware

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It looks like some sort of stats site leaving cookies that some programs see as malware.


Edit: There is a second component that looks like it's calling for some sort of script as are the other 22 or so external sources. Possibly the script is tripping the malware program.



Re: Online Chat Uses Uses "" Adware/Malware


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