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Not all services appearing under My Account


I'm a new customer to Optus, bringing across two mobile contracts and the home phone/internet (on nbn). Its been a couple of weeks, and all three services are activated and work, but I can only see one of the mobile phone plans under My Account and the My Optus app.


After Live Chatting it sounds like the other mobile phone and home phone/internet have wound up in "the old system" and will have to wait for migration across (done in batches) until they can be linked.


How do I monitor their use in the mean time?


Re: Not all services appearing under My Account


@BlueFizz, the information you've been given is correct, but I'm certain we can still link up all your services to the one My Account profile. 


When you get the chance, send us a private message with your details. We'll need your full name, the two mobile numbers and your DOB.


Send that through to →



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