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I signed up for a SIM plan that included double data. While signing up I was told I'd get the double data in my next billing period. That made sense to me, I had changed contracts during a billing period so I understood I might not recieve the bonus data immediately. However, when the next billing period began I didn't recieve the bonus data.


I decided to utilise the live chat and while the Optus agent was helpful, I still left confused. They told me that the double data would appear after my second billing period. So I don't get the bonus data until the 3rd month of my plan?


Am I paying for a 12 month SIM with 10 months of double data?


I am concerned that when this month is up I'll get told that once again, the bonus data will appear in the next billing period.


Has anyone come across a similar problem and found a solution?




Re: No Bonus Data on Double Data Plan


Its likely you have your double data now. Just start using your plan as you want. If your plan is 10Gb and then doubled to 20Gb (for example) wait and see when you get the 50% usage SMS warning. If it arrives at ~5Gb then you're still not set up properly. If it arrives at ~10Gb then you have 20Gb in the bag.


Peter Gillespie

Re: No Bonus Data on Double Data Plan

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My double data and plan discount showed up on my first bill, and on the 'My account' dashboard page it listed the double data and discount from the day I received my SIM.


Re: No Bonus Data on Double Data Plan


@interfreak, it can vary.


Whichever is the the case, we should be letting you know when you can expect to receive your bonus inclusion when you sign up for the service. 


@AidanB, if you do exceed your base usage allowance, we'll always credit back the difference up to the total amount of included data (base + bonus). 
If you have any other questions, let us know. We’re happy to help out. 


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