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Need to talk to a person


This has obviously been tried and posted thousand times but from what I have seen comes all back to the same answer.

How can I contact a real person to solve my problem with my account. I have used the chat room 5 times with the result getting worse each time because the person in the chat room closed the chat with promises that the issues have been resolved and when I look at my account either nothing happened at all or like now my expiry has been "extended" by 16 days for a $60 recharge on the data plan instead of the 90 days I should get. Ihave tried the stupid phone number and either in the end they just hang up on me as my problem obviously does not fit into the "press this number" profile or I'm ending up in a loop of options and I'm still not able to get a person on the phone.

I'm very frustrated that there appears to be no way of just calling a person. This is the worst regarding customer help I have ever experienced. 

Problem is with my data prepaid 

Does anyone have another sollution then dialing the 133937 number where I don't get any further?


Re: Need to talk to a person


Customer Service can get tricky if your issue doesn't fit the cookie cutter solutions most have access to. 


Its not voice but the mods here are generally fairly good at tying together behind the scene issues. I'll flag one and see if he doesn't pop in sometime.




Peter Gillespie


Re: Need to talk to a person


Thanks Peter.

Also can't provide an alternative voice option but I suggest if you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.

Let us know how you go.

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Re: Need to talk to a person


Thank you all for sending an answer here to the forum, I'm right where I started as there is obviously no

number I can use and the live chat has created more problems than I had before. Consider this case closed now I will 

move to Telstra.

No further reply required.


Re: Need to talk to a person


tried for three months to get in contact with someone re my account.  I went into an optus store and they had a direct line... Optus dont care about customer service

Re: Need to talk to a person


The muppets running this excuse for a company have evidently decided that customes don't need to communicate with a 'person' when they have access to a brain-dead IVR and incomprehensible / illiterate offshore call centre staff.  I have considerable difficulty comprehending how Optus is still in business given its demonstrated contempt for customers. Well there is one less customer now, and there will be a LOT less if I have anything to do with it. 

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