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New Contributor Fergy36
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Myaccount sucks

What the hell is going on with MyAccount?  I'm only able to access details of my mobile services.

Since swapping over to NBN I am not able to view anything thats going on with my home phone or internet service through Member Services including the fact that despite I've had my bills emailed to me for over 20 years, the new NBN/Home phone bill is being posted to me and they are charging me for the privilege.  All of my billing options in Myaccount state that bills are to be emailed but changing this seems to be impossible.


Even when I try to look at elements of what used to be Member Services, instead of directing me to details about my specific account, the links send me only to "Help" pages.  The whole system at the moment is a joke and I would love some visibility of the services I'm paying for.  Anyone else having the same issues??

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Re: Myaccount sucks

I'm sorry but I understand you are frustrated. However, 20 years ago Optus didn't have email bills. 


That said, the default position of the billing system is to post the invoice which triggers the $2.20 charge automatically, however speaking to billing. They can quickly resolve this and I'm sure if you explain to them you had online billing prior to the move, they could see the way to adjusting off any "additional charges from paper invoices" given the change. (Or at least I would if it was obvious that you didn't ask for paper invoices).


Memberservices isn't where bills appear anymore, when you migrate to NBN you end up on "Jarvis" which doesn't load bills into MemberServices but it loads it into My Account on the front page of Optus.

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