My account page get redirected


Hi guys,

Does anyone have this problem? When I log in, I got to "" page

Then the loading animation appears saying "retrieving information" then I was taken automatically to "my-account\my-profile" page. Then the page loads again, an orange triangle button and a rectangle orange bar appeared in the "mybusiness" section. I cannot go to my dashboard because the system kept redirecting me to that profile page then the orange bar.


Does anyone know the solution?

I tried a different browser and incognito mode, still the same problem.

Re: My account page get redirected


Same issue I've had for  a week, still not fixed.


They need better web developers, current ones break heaps and don't know how to test properly.

Re: My account page get redirected


I have the same issue. Ways I need to "verify my business", but the verify button does nothing. Can't get back to my dashboard. What a joke

Re: My account page get redirected


Please Chat with us so the team can find out what the issue is.

If you have a Business account, please chat with a Business Specialist

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Re: My account page get redirected


Have the exactlty same problem as you.
Also tried multiple browers and browers on portable devices. Cache is also cleared.
I need to view and download my PDF invoices.

I spoke the customer support staff on chat addressing about the issues last night. Then I told I'm going to do my bills in the morning when the site is working again.


August 19th 2019, still having problem from June-July? A big tele company like this is unacceptable.

Re: My account page get redirected


Well this issue disappeared for a few weeks, now it's back again! Always near my billing time etc.

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