My account Going In Loops again


Hi Optus and forum

 Yet again I am seeing the optus my account interface broken beyond the point of being able to be accessed. 


Eg. this page


This time whilst loading the account page it resets itself and loops back trying to load again and again and again and again to infinite (and beyond). It appears to be trying to display some kind of graphic chart and fails. Likely some very bad programming in the javascript on this page.


I have formally raised it to support, and nothing.. nada.. no optus support on the forum, chat, phone or otherwise. It's just like when you raise issues with your account (Yes I am talking to you Toomey, Dan others that are yet to solve any of my account issues)


Anyway this is on chrome version 71, fully stable installation, but see it on other browsers.   


Anyone at optus willing fix this?


Would be so nice to be able to access my account reliably!  (sorry for the negative tone but this is what happens after spending days on chat, crowd support and calls and not getting even basic issues solved)


Re: My account Going In Loops again



You may have tried but usually using an in private tab on your browser allowed you access.





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Re: My account Going In Loops again


I am having the exact same issue. Live Chat and phone support are absolutely useless!


I posted my own detailed thread about it here, including a video showing what the issue is. Let's hope Optus actually respond and fix the issue!

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