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Hi folks,


any my reason why I can’t access My Account through either chrome or in-private browsing?




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I would say there is glitch with the login as it is not visible to me either. I believe there were some problems yesterday and today that may have spilled over into other areas. I would check back later as the my account login issues normally get resolved quickly.


Edit: Hmm 8 hours later and still no my account portal and no live chat. Unusual to be out for this long.

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I am having the same problem.

I am using an iMac running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 with the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox

I can access the main site ( but when i click on the My Account link it just goes to a blank page.

The same thing happens when i click on Live Chat link.


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I'm also having the same problems.



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Yep blank page on both the my account portal and the live chat for me as well. I must say its been an interesting 24 hours with international links down and running slow and now all the Optus service pages not working. I do believe they pulled the chat because of the net being down and all the complaints they would have received. I guess its too much to ask for them to post something on their main page about this. 

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Still having the same problem re: My Account and Live chat

The only way i can successfully access My Account and Live chat is via the My Optus app on my iPad

That works perfectly


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I'm told it should be working now, I've tested it with my own and no issues.

You may need to clear your cache, temporary internet files, etc.

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Every time I try to access the main page in My Account it keeps redirecting to my Profile page. I have cleared my cache, etc but still not luck. I have also tried using Internet Explorer and Edge but it does the same thing on both.

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I have just tried it on my iMac running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

I can now access My Account and Live Chat using Google Chrome v74. seems to be working fine.

Unfortunately with Firefox v67 i can only access My Account.

Still no luck at all with Safari v11

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I have the same issue. Login - retrieving information bars show - then jumps to Update Profile and unable to exit.

The live chat tab is there but non-functional.


I need to get in so I can check my Wireless Broadband for data that has been siphoned the past month. 5-10 gig during the day with no one at home, modem password and wifi passwords changed, and with all devices turned off and or unplugged/disconnected.


The Optus App is 4th World quality. 

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