My Account - view detailed usage not working


I have a really annoying issue with the 'my account' portal.


When I log in to check my son's usage on his prepaid account (attached to my account), the information on the 'view detailed usage' tab appears for approx 5 seconds, then disappears. After this, the whole optus site becomes very glitchy and unusable (usually I get fed up and close the tab). I've tried clearing cache, resetting website cookies, re-starting, different browsers, incognito mode, different laptops, desktops, devices, apps, Optus online support...all the same result. Anyone else experiencing this? How do you fix it?


Fair to say I'm about jack of Optus and their ridiculously glitchy website... Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

Re: My Account - view detailed usage not working


Had the same issue yesterday. I just deleted the app and reinstalled. If its prepaid make sure you have the My Optus App because it will read the sim card and go from there. . . 

Re: My Account - view detailed usage not working


Hi Moonman,

As MRSKNOWITALL suggested, the My Optus app should be a helpful alternative solution.

It's disappointing to hear about your struggle with the MyAccount portal, at your convenience please Chat with us so if needed they can log it with our IT team to fix.

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