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Mobile account disconnected from internet account login


Just got off the phone to resolve my internet account being disconnected from my mobile phone account.


They resolved that because now I only see my cable internet account and no mobile accounts associated with my same profile!


Don't have the energy to go on the phone to explain all again..

please help...


Re: Mobile account disconnected from internet account login


Pleaes visit our Add / Remove Services in My Account help & support page for further guidance.

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Re: Mobile account disconnected from internet account login


Hi Ray-YC, I had the same problem. The link you enclosed to instructions for adding an account don't work (at least if your new account starts with an 8 as mine does), the link directs you to an imaginery tab/link. Very frustrating. I ended up spending 40 mins on hold, but customer support got the new account attached. Still can't see whether direct debit is correctly in place. I'm assured it is, we'll see.

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