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At some time in the dim distant past I have managed to set a mobile data limit for my iPad and phone.  Now I continually get messages saying I have almost reached/exceeded the quota limit.  I cannot seem to locate where to remove this quota when I log in to my Account.  Does anyone where I can alter this?



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Re: Mobile Data Quota Message/Alert

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I do recall the option to set data limit reminders and after a search through the my account portal I couldn't find anything. Given the constant changes to the my account portal that seem to be going from bad to worse you might be better off to contact the live chat team and ask them where it is.


Tried to post the link but the forum still does not work with the most popular mobile browser on the market.

Re: Mobile Data Quota Message/Alert


Yeah, there were definitely old legacy options that were useless. You could only select 3 set data warning points and I think the highest was at 200Mb Smiley Surprised


@Yeldarb forum does seem to fraying a bit. The last email notification I got was 3 weeks ago.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Mobile Data Quota Message/Alert

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Been a month or so since I received any messages as well. I guess with the mobile version of Chrome not working properly and the desktop version throwing up security alerts it might be time to give it a break.







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