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New Contributor debz
New Contributor

Missing 5GB on my 15GB $40/mth SIM Only Plan

Hey All,


In December 2017, I upgraded via online to the $40/mth 15GB SIM Only promotion, having previously been on the older grandfathered $40/mth 10GB SIM Only plan for the previous 18months.


This morning I checked my data usage, and found that it had reverted to 10GB of data/month. I've tried to reach out to Live Chat, but I can't seem to bring up a working chat window. How else can I go about fixing this issue? Anyone else having the same problem?



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Re: Missing 5GB on my 15GB $40/mth SIM Only Plan

Bonus data can take a month or so to appear in your system. Be a little cautious this month and you should be ok by next bill.


Keep an eye out for the usage SMS which should come through at 50% used when you hit 7.5Gb (not 5Gb).


Not sure what's up with Optus service portals but there's definitely something slowing it down ATM.




Peter Gillespie




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