Member Services - unable to gain access



This issue has been plaguing my ability to add or delete email accounts, for the past 3 weeks.


Optus clearly clueless, as it is still unresolved.


I want to access "my internet account"


But receive the following error message "There has been an internal server error.Please try again later"


I have had chat support regarding this, they acknowledge the issue, but to date it is not fixed.



Re: Member Services - unable to gain access


I am not sure what the story is with email management other than it not existing. Have you been moved over to the new billing system recently?

Re: Member Services - unable to gain access

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That is probably the issue, but this is now a month of no access. Surely migration can be completed in less period of time.


I have a couple of support assists on this issue, but that are just as clueless, they simply want to issue me a new an email log in as a solution. Then to add to insult they say it works for them, which no doubt it does, when they are on the "new" system.


God help this country as we are almost closest enough to say the we have totally sold the farm to foreigners.

Re: Member Services - unable to gain access

Same issue here. Cannot access Member Services - get "internal server error" after logging and then get kicked out of session. Optus - this is basic functionality, a general issue, so you need to get tech teams onto fixing it or provide a workaround. I need to amend email addresses attached to my account but cannot do this.

Re: Member Services - unable to gain access


I am having the same issue.

Does anyone know when this will be fixed?

Trying to login for the last three days to make some minor changes to our email account with out any luck

Re: Member Services - unable to gain access



Does your Optus account number start with 62? If so, please chat with us for email support.

If not, I believe you need to login to My Account, not Member Services.

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Re: Member Services - unable to gain access


Yes. It starts with 62. Will chat with you separately

BTW "MyAccount" is not working either for this account. Have a lodged a fault with your support team. Awaiting a resolution

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