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Honoured Contributor

MYACCOUNT upgrade not bad

Seems the billing area has been streamlined a fair bit.


No doubt it will take some time to find where Optus put everything but it looks good. 


The PROFILE area is especially effective with comprehensive access to your current contracts.


As feedback in that area (Profiles), the Permissions and Notifications headings are not working.


Also when I look to select my ACCOUNT (It says I have 2 in the box at the top of the main page I get this (NBN The top account number is displayed in full correctly, its just the second line):





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Trusted Contributor

Re: MYACCOUNT upgrade not bad

It's annoying for mobile users, because we like to see accurate data usage. It's less confusing, but they round everything over 1GB and merge it with unmetered. The old system showed you accurate data download information, even if it was 16 hours late.


It is workable, but anyone who has the problem of mysterious downloads is more in the dark. I still haven't found where it would log an outbound SMS on a MBB plan. They charge 0.30 for them, so they should be listed. I have no idea if I incurred 4 when I started my phone app. I bet I did though.

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