Login to my account and someone elses details are there


This is a huge security concern, after not being able to login or reset my password as its telling me my details needed to reset password dont match OPTUS', someone on chat was able to send me a reet password email,


Now upon logging in im greeted with a Hello MARLO, My name is not Marlo, its giving me his mobile, DOB, address, email, not to mention access to his Bills records etc, It does have a box which lets me login to my account but i can only see 2 of my internet services, still cant see my 3 mobile services and 1 new NBN service that i have with optus.


Can someone please contact me  asap

Re: Login to my account and someone elses details are there


Completely agree, we'll need to sort this one out immediately@taleb87.


Can you please send us a private message?


I need your full name, DOB and account number. I'll also need the email that you've registered for My Account.


The account has clearly been linked in an error. Let us know once you've sent your message through and we'll respond right away.



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Re: Login to my account and someone elses details are there


I've also got this issue. Logged into the Optus account, and it's got someone else's name and account number. Optus support says "don't worry about it"....


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