Live chat is not alive


I request chat every day, same topic (technical difficulties preventing network access to be able to use international roaming'. I've tried once or twice a day for about a week and get the same message (all our consultants are busy, we'll let you know as soon as one is availabe). No response, just the spinning circle. Then after a while, the waiting business ends and the page goes blank. I have the app on my phone but due to the problem my SIM is not recognised so have gotten nowhere. I'm therefore trying chat using a laptop. Very very frustrating. So, why can't I contact live chat?

Re: Live chat is not alive

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Many people have reported delays trying to get onto the live chat and I think it's just the luck of the draw if you get through when it's not busy. I must say that every time I try I seem to get through and testing the live chat 5 minutes ago I was connected in 30 seconds or so. The live chat app only requires a WiFi connection to work so any issues with the sim shouldn't affect it.





Re: Live chat is not alive


Hi @Margo


Please let us know if this is now working for you. 

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