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Live chat & 133937 issues


I am finding the Optus support network online absolutely useless. Last week I went through the options 5 times on 133937 before being disconnected with addresses that I had already tried and no option to talk to someone. In the end I had to go to a retail store so that they could call a customer service rep to fix my issue. 

Tonight I tried to use live chat to merge 2 accounts into one and was talking to a consultant when another consultant would come over the top to close the chat as it was inactive for to long even though I was still chatting to a consultant. 

Your customer service is totally appalling 


Re: Live chat & 133937 issues


Very sorry to hear about this @RLJB, it definitely shouldn't be this way. If you still need a hand with anything, we're happy to help out here on our end! Feel free to shoot through a private message with more details and account info

Re: Live chat & 133937 issues


Need to get my Fetch code. 133937 is unobtainable. Fetch link on Optus Support is out of order. What next?

Re: Live chat & 133937 issues


Find your Fetch activation code

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