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New Contributor BCR
New Contributor

Link another service to an existing My Account login

I have an existing My Account login with a broadband service linked to it. I've recently joined an Optus postpaid mobile plan, however, I noticed that it has a different account number.


Is it possible to link the mobile service to the same My Account login, so that I can manage both services under one login? It seems illogical to have to create separate logins for multiple services. I'd prefer not to have to create another My Account login with another email address just to manage my mobile.


If possible, who could help with that? Also - would that affect anything to either service such as billing?


Both service's account numbers start with 6, if that helps at all.

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Moderator Zac_D

Re: Link another service to an existing My Account login

Hi @BCR,


Thanks for reaching out to us. Depending on what system the services are in, we'd need to look at merging them together so we can get them on the same bill and My Account log in. 


So that I can check this out for you, can you please pm me here with:


Full Name:


Account numbers:

My Account Log in email:

Are you the account holder: Y/N

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New Contributor BCR
New Contributor

Re: Link another service to an existing My Account login

Thanks, I've sent a PM.


Does merging them together mean that both services will become one, and that they will be billed together at the same time? If that’s the case, then I’d prefer keeping them separate. I was thinking ideally that under one login I could view and manage two separate services.


Thanks in advance

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