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Lies and false promises


As I type, I'm waiting for yet anther live chat session...

The last x sessions have followed a familar pattern..

1 - 30 minutes of my time.

2 - Platitudes and delays.

3 - Fill in Customer form (even though I have logged in via the portal)

4 - 20 mins to explain my issue.

5 - Promise of some action either by the support team or the latest via email.

6 - Nothing more from Optus.


Can someone in Optus explain how I can get off this hamster wheel of dire customer service - or is TPG the only answer?

All I want to know is how much of my current reported Mobile data usage is for zero ratred data services (Stan/Netflix) as your portal shows total usage only - was promised an email overnight a couple of days ago, but talk is cheap and live chat cheaper it seems.





Re: Lies and false promises


The headline Data Usage figure doesn't include zero rated data. So if it says you have XGb left then that's what you have left (Zero rated data remains unlimited and available). If you select a Data Usage per day sub menu option that will show actual data consumed (zero rated and non zero rated.)


You can see these numbers via the Optus App


Peter Gillespie

Re: Lies and false promises


Hi thanks for your response Peter,

This is the exact opposite of what the last Optus Chat person told me, hence the promise to send an email overnight with details on how much of my reported data allowance was for zero rated services that would have the usage removed when billed.

My data usage sub menu shows no breakdown - perhaps this is because none of my data usage is being tagged as free?

Ticket 1904231496 was raised on the 23rd April to help with this - but nothing from Optus in response.


My data useage is primarilly for Netflix and Stan - I've limited both services to SD and changed the APN on my router to 'connect' (as


Who can help me with whats going wrong here?


Re: Lies and false promises


The sub menu won't show a breakdown of data but you can nominally calculate it yourself. 


The headline number only has non zero rated data (so say it says 6Gb used 14Gb left)

The daily data usage should show both zero and non zero rated data (so it might say 28Gb Used)


This would mean you have used 6Gb of your monthly data allowance and 22Gb  of Zero rated data.


Note that until a bill is issued Optus tracking and reporting of post paid data plans can be fairly unreliable. The number you read above (and SMS warnings etc.) seem to be fedd from different databases at different times, so they may not necessarily add up the same way at the same time.


Peter Gllespie 

Re: Lies and false promises


Hi Peter,

My headline number shows 84% of a 294Gb allowance used

The data breakdown has no catagories shown - each days usage has a green bar only, no option for a circle showing data usage by type 'Insights' titled display when I select 'Learn nore about data breakdown'...


What am I missing?


Re: Lies and false promises


This is in the Optus Mobile Phone App?


Mine shows a big circle with the data used (^gB - headline number)

Under that is a DATA BREAK DOWN Button (I note under SERVICE SETTINGS you need to turn Data Breakdown On - have you done that?)

Pressing the button I get Categories (% of Total), each of which can be clicked to get a daily breakdown graph.

Or I could hit the tab at the top to get Daily Use which also has a daily breakdown graph.


UNfortunately Optus only provide the visual graph breakdown so its hard to add up all the bars to find a total.


I'm suspecting you haven't turned Data Breakdown on in the App Settings?


Peter Gillespie 

Re: Lies and false promises



Running v4.25.1 of the app on my iPhone, the only App Settings are:

Network Performance 

Push notifications

Change Pin

Enable Face ID



Re: Lies and false promises


Those are app settings. You want service settings. Select service on the tabs and service settings should then be an option.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Lies and false promises

[ Edited ]

Hi Pete,

I have four services with Optus - all four can be selected from the App as they are agaiast the same account.

Only three of them have the option of enabling the data breakdown in Service settings, all of which have this setting enabled.

Of these three only one presents the Data Breakdown button on the app to show the usage.

Frustratingly the one that works is my mobile with the lowest data usage.

I'm guessing that there is some Optus service configuration missing?


Getting closer, but not there yet.

Thanks for your help.


Re: Lies and false promises


Getting closer indeed.


Unfortunately Optus doesn't have a great track record when it comes to sharing timely and accurate information about data usage. I'm guessing that since a large chunk of the company's revenue comes from people accidentally exceeding data limits, its something of a conflict of interest. The side effect of this is that getting the information can be a task.


But it seems your issue is more a configuration thing hopefully. Hopefully now you can point to something actually not working correctly the staff can fix it.


Peter Gillespie

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