Late payment


Was a week late paying bill.. remembered when needed to use phone,  paid immediately with credit card then called to report payment.  It’s been over 48 hours and have spent 4 x 45 mins waiting on phone to get reconnected.  How can you speak to a human.  I don’t have phone and worse than my normally bad NBN.  Tried chat and it has come back they are unable to establish a connection.  If I call accounts number it says I may have an overdue bill... May   Where do I go now... I work from home..


Re: Late payment

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Hmm seems strange to me that they would disconnect you because you are a week late paying the bill. Try billing and accounts on the chat link below and see what they say.


Sorry, missed the chat bit. The link below throws up an error as well? Have you tried the chat feature in the Optus app as that should work over WiFi.

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