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New Contributor charlesbrowning
New Contributor

Landline/NbN usage... can not see it

Since atleast 13th of august, I log in using my main email and can only see my mobile account and associated stats.

There is no where to see my main account number and therefore my landline nbn data usage.  Let alone monitor my landline call information.

3 times in the last week had a "chat" with the support centre and 3 times told the accounts are linked and available to view.

Today told to clear my browsing data (no effect) or use another different browser.  Just used the microsoft "edge" and same result.


So what do ya do?

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Landline/NbN usage... can not see it

Persistent and a good bottle of scotch to calm your nerves is the only thing that works with support unfortunately. I would jump straight back on the live chat below and ask them what is going on. Keep a copy of the chat and try and get reference numbers and employee ID.