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Ipad upgrade after contracts ends


Cant find  this info anywhere sorry.


My ipad contract has ended and want to upgrade ipad and go on new contract.


Went into store and received such apathetic service i walked out.


Tried via chat which took so long and did not feel comfortable signing up online with the knowledge of person who i was chatting to.


Simple question - can i do this online by myself? Chat assured me i could but didnt actually answer questions on how i could do this!


May just need to travel to another store maybe...


Re: Ipad upgrade after contracts ends


You want a new iPad or just want to change to a better sim only plan and use your current iPad? Either way I would just ring sales or use the live chat and order it. You could even just order it through the website if you want. I assume you know what you want to buy? Tonguerodsel:hot1:a...

Re: Ipad upgrade after contracts ends


Essentially you just want to get a new iPad and plan? Just pick one and order it online or as mentioned get onto livechat and they can step you through it. Note one advantage of getting the plan instore can be you walk out with the iPad. Online if its out of stock it can take a while to get delivered.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Ipad upgrade after contracts ends


This is why i didnt want to use live chat. It took 3 goes to explain to optus that their pricing was wrong when they quoted me for the ipad. They assured me it was $60 for the plan and ipad. It wasnt, it was $105. They kept telling me to read ts and cs. I read them twice and pointed out that it didnt mention the specific i pad i wanted. It took 40 minutes to order it.

I then asked for them to send it to my work address so they asked for the details that were promptly supplied.

Surprise! It went to my home address after being assured that it would go to my work address. Problem is it ruined my wifes present surprise as she pretty much figured out what i got her after that. Thanks for that.

So... if i get terrible service when i go to store,  cant order with live chat as they will tell you anything to get the sale... still want to know how i could have upgraded online without getting a new number for ipad...

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