Internet account - unable to access


I am unable to access my internet account to manage my email accounts.


Can access webmail.

Can log into My Account.


Spoke with livechat and advised that they would delete the email account I wanted to delete for me (agreed to this); however, I wanted to access my internet account to manage personally.  I was advised to wait a couple of hours and that I would be able to access my Optus internet account.  Waited till this morning and still no access.


Have now read the advice in different forums, both Optus Crowd and external, and it seems that the type of browser used impacts whether the Optus internet account can be accessed.  I have downloaded Chrome (no success) and FireFox (no success) and have used Safari (no success).


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you.

Re: Internet account - unable to access




Have been advised our account is being updated to an advanced billing system. 

The result is that the only way accounts being updated can add or delete email accounts is through LiveChat.

I was advised that this functionality will return in the future.  In looking at other forums though, this seems to be a longitudinal issue for accounts being transfered to the advanced billing system.


I have asked for email updates from Tech Support on the ongoing status of the account migration and functionality.


Any others who have had their accounts migrated had any success with resuming the email account management functionality?

Re: Internet account - unable to access

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I don’t think it’s a browser issue I think it simply doesn’t exist. Email management is a bit of a mystery to me as I don’t understand where Optus is going with it. The old system allowed full management of primary and secondary accounts and allowed you to create new secondary email accounts up to 10 I believe. This was all managed under the same area where you checked all other aspects of your account. The new Optus account portal does not appear to link to anything relating to email and subsequently every time you have a problem you need to speak with support.


Edit: I must say I am a bit perplexed with the way Optus has handled nearly every aspect of their mail system and I have often thought that maybe they were going to outsource it like Telstra once did. If that’s not what they have on the drawing board then maybe they should as their mail system is in such a poor state I don’t think anyone will be using it in the not so distant future.

Re: Internet account - unable to access


That was my experience too ref full managment of primary and secondary accounts through Optus Zoo. 


I was stumped this time when I tried to manage the email accounts as per the previous process.  I could get no clear advice until I clarified with LiveChat what I had pieced together from different forums.


If that is how it is going to be going forward, then I would much prefer Optus be upfront.  Less of the 'your account is being transitioned to advanced billing' and more of the 'this is the current status'.

Re: Internet account - unable to access


Yes I agree, much better to up front than to waste more time following dead links and poor advice. Hopefully they will somehow integrate mail management back into the new account system however I won't be holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

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