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International Roaming Charges

Hi Dan, Could really use your help again! 🙂 I managed to get Gilbert to help me a little out with some roaming charges on my account currently, he waived 50% but I was just wanting him to remove the last 24hrs as my roaming went bonkers overnight and my bill blew out by about $200 overnight 😮 Do you think you could work your magic and help me to roll-back last nights roaming data? I logged in and deactivated international roaming on my account this morning so I avoid further charges but if you could find a way to remove the usage from last night that would be very helpful... Thanking you in advance 🙂
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Crowd Champion Davelew
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Re: International Roaming Charges



Since December last year Dan is no longer a moderator on this forum and wouldn't pick up your post.


It would seem to that Optus have been generous on reducing your roaming charges by  50% and I think it would be unlikely they would reduce your charges further.



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