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New Contributor bocconcini
New Contributor

Identity theft/illegal port out - what to do next

My identity was stolen recently when thieves broke into every mailbox in our block of flats shortly after I moved. Unfortunately they got my hands on a Virgin Mobile offer letter, ordered a new Optus service in my name (except I'd already set one up) and started trying to take everything over from there.


I don't have a lot of faith in Optus helping me much. It's been such an arduous process to even get the stat dec and CRA obtained and filled out, the store staff I talked to had no idea what the required paperwork was, and I still don't get asked for my PIN when I contact the support team via chat. It doesn't look like anyone else here has had an easier time - should I permanently give up on getting my phone number back? My bill is supposedly due in two days, am I really expected to pay for a service I don't even have?

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Esteemed Contributor
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Re: Identity theft/illegal port out - what to do next

If someone has defrauded optus then that's Optus issue. I agree, given the level of fraud here (and Optus exposure to it) the difficulty in even knowing what is needed is way to hard. 


I would suggest you put things in writing to the official complaints address. Make sure Optus are aware and that they should cancel the service etc. 


Getting your number back may be difficult (or may be easy). Might be a good idea just to move on to a new number given that one has been compromised? 


Optus should sort the situation but if you keep having issues then eventually you might need to pass the matter to the TIO.


Peter Gillespie

New Contributor bocconcini
New Contributor

Re: Identity theft/illegal port out - what to do next

Thanks Peter. A very helpful Optus team member called me back today to organise reversal - fingers crossed! I want my number back because I want to be the one that cancels it, I feel this is the only way I can be sure it isn't being used by someone else to impersonate me.


For anyone else that is unfortunately suffering through this, here is what the actual process is which should hopefully save you hours of support calls and online chats:


1. Report the problem to the Police with as much information as possible. They will give you an incident/event number. Keep this number at hand, you're going to be referring to it a lot.

2. If you can identify which specific phone company (not just the carrier) the number was ported to, contact them with your details and the number that's been ported out. If you can provide the event number for the police report they should be more than happy to help you!

3. Go to an Optus store, attempt to explain what has happened and ask for a Port Reversal/Customer Authorisation Form. Prepare to be met with blank looks and keep asking anyway. Ask everyone in the store if you have to. You may have to wait half an hour looking grumpy and weirdly phoneless in a phone store but don't leave until you get the form.

4. Fill out the form.

5. Download a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration from the Attorney-General's Department website - this is different from a state one.

6. Visit the Optus Identity Theft page and fill out your statutory declaration with the required details (work through the checklist linked from that page). Make photocopies of your photo ID and print out any screenshots or emails you received that relate to your number being ported out.

7. Get your stat dec witnessed. A pharmacist can witness your signature and is very likely to be right near the Optus store. 

8. If it's possible for you to do so, scan and email your documents to the address on the Identity Theft page above, ensuring you include the required details in the subject line. This isn't entirely necessary but at least you'll know it's been sent there.

9. Whether you email the documents or not, go to the Optus store and give them all of the documents. Again, prepare to be met with blank looks - just ask the staff member to make sure the paperwork reaches the store manager.

10. Now go lock down everything else if you haven't already, especially your bank accounts and any email accounts you use for sensitive/financial sites. IDCARE is a great resource staffed by professional counsellors/social workers/psychologists - if you contact them they will help you work through your situation or at least provide you with general advice. 


If things work out you should get a call back in a few days - good luck!

New Contributor xtfalcon1
New Contributor

Re: Identity theft/illegal port out - what to do next


Thought I might just add to this as I am in a similar situation which has been ongoing.What you have listed here

seems alot of time and trouble to go through especially when you are the victim . The problem here is the telcos,

.and the banks, firstly with  the banks surely something can be put in place where you can lock in a pin number and it cannot be changed under any circumstances unless you go into a branch ( is that that hard?) then the same

with the telcos if a phone number is locked to a contracted telco this should be not  moved under any circumstances unless you go into a telco branch to be identy checked (is that so hard ?)  .Well aparently this is that hard even though I requested this it cannot be done and even though theres a flaw and a problem in the system and you know someone has your identy details  the banks and the telcos CANNOT PROTECT YOU  they blame the other parties but will not acept any fault



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