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New Contributor Fintray49
New Contributor

I need to change my credit card for my Optus direct debit

I had a direct Depit with you and had to change my credit card 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: dercit depit

Hi Fintray49,

Please see: Set up, change or cancel direct debit

You can do this by using the My Optus app or logging into My Account

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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Occasional Contributor SamIam
Occasional Contributor

Re: I need to change my credit card for my Optus direct debit

Hi Folks. For all you frustrated Optus customers out there at present... This solution did NOT work for me.  BUT here's what did: Phone Optus and ask for the IVR 1300 number. or you can read further for the boring story....

I spent 3 days on the Optus website trying to change my Credit Card details for Direct Debit without success. I made 3 attempts via chat and 1 phone call without success. I visited a store and waited and waited and waited.... and then got an answer. Good answer? Acceptable.

Optus have made some recent (Feb 2020) changes to their billing system(s). Some parts of the website appear to be broken in that adding Credit Card details doesn't work (can anyone else confirm?). You can't provide your CC details over the phone because "it's not secure". You can't provide your credit card details in-store because they have no way of inputting them (see above).


BUT there is a NEW thing called Interactive Voice Response (IVR) where the telephone talks to you and you input numbers. You call the magic 1300 number. It asks for your account number (make sure you have your account number because there is no human to help you). You then type in the CC details and Wait and wait and wait. The message says "This could take up to 24 hours to change in the billing system so if you have a bill due you will have to pay it manually if it occurs before this change." The message doesn't say "and pay an extra charge for not having direct debit set up because our systems are antiquated").

Why in this day and age is a system not working for at least 3 days without acknowledgement?

Why does it take "up to 24 hours" for an electronic update to occur?

Why does Optus charge extra because their systems are broken?


PLEASE do us all a favour and see if you are able to change your Credit Card details for direct debit on the website and if you can't.... Phone or Chat to the Octopus help desk. Thanks for listening

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