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New Contributor mark_umpire
New Contributor

I cannot access my account?

Hi there. I am trying to access my online account and I get the message "OOPS. LOOKS LIKE THE PAGE YOU'RE TRYING TO ACCESS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE". I have logged in with another Optus account (my son's) and it works fine so I'm convinced it's an issue with my account. Live chat helped me reset my password earlier which seemed to work at the time but now the same thing is happening. I've tried using a desktop computer, laptop and mobile phone, all with no luck. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: I cannot access my account?

Hi Mark, sorry to hear that you're unable to login to your my account 😞 What info are you trying to access from your account? Sometimes this may happen if the account is moving over from an older system to a newer platform however it should only be for a small window.  Are you able to login to your Optus App on the Mobile? 

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