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New Contributor Raymac
New Contributor

I can't view my bill on my computer

I have been having trouble with my home phone and i think it is now fixed however please check and see if calls now go to my mobile and not to my answering machine if not answered also i can't view my bill on my computer  Thank you i await your reply as i can't get through on the phone and your retail store at Mt Pleasant Mackay refused to help Ray McCarthy


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: I can't view my bill on my computer

Morning @Raymac.

Just so we're setting the right expectation - we can't go in and make the changes to your account/service from our side. I'd suggest sending us a message

When it comes to call diversions/call forwarding, we have 4 options:

  • Call Forward No Reply Number - Calls will be diverted when a call is not answered
  • Call Forward Busy Number - Calls will only be diverted when the number is busy (i.e. on another call)
  • Call Forward Unreachable Number - Calls will be diverted when your phone is off or in an area that has no coverage
  • Call Forward All Number - This is an unconditional diversion for all calls

It sounds the first option would suit you best. 

As for viewing your bills online, do you have an existing service that's already attached to a My Account profile i.e. Postpaid Mobile? If the Broadband/home phone bundle has been setup on the same billing account, it should already appear on your My Account profile.

If that isn't the case, we may have set the broadband service up on a new account. The accounts will need to be consolidated in order to view all services on the one My Account profile. 

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