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Hi everyone,

Just went to buy Hoyts movie tickets from optusperks, and followed the instructions to book tickets from the Hoyts main site. I tried a few times to get the discounted prices quoted by Optus, but it did not show on the hoyts site. I assumed that OPtus would keep a record and reimburse me through billing or similar, so I bought the tickets full price. When I went to check my order history on optusperks, it showed the order attempts that I had cancelled, but not the order that went through! How am I able to get reimbursed for the differnt between the full cost, and the optusperks price of hoyts movie tickets??

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Hey there @grdnliang, really sorry to hear that this happened!

Just to clarify, was the movie session after 5pm or on a Saturday? As Perks discounts aren't valid for those time frames.

Happy to check it out if you're still needing a hand, can you please PM me with your account number, full name and DOB?

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Re: Hoyts OptusPerks Failure


Hi, I'm having the same problem when I try to book a session on Monday 4PM.

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Hi @Wooahh, there was an issue flagged with the site recently that we're working with our partners to resolve. If you're still having issues, please contact our perks team on 1300 760 014 and select option 2. Keep us posted on how you go.

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I was able to get discount price via mobile booking. It still shows up original price on PC though.

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Glad to hear you managed to get it sorted Smiley Happy Feel free to get back in touch if you needed a hand in future.


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I am currently having trouble purchasing hoyts tickets through the Optus Perks website. The book now button does not take you to Hoyts but justs goes back to the home page on my account. I've got the Optus Perks phone number but they dont't open until 11 am today.



Re: Hoyts OptusPerks Failure


This was a known issue @Mandyg - this has since been resolved. Are you able to check if it's currently working on your end and let us know?

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