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How to install My Optus App on a BlackBerry 10 Device

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How to install My Optus App on a BlackBerry 10 Device

So you don't own an iPhone or Android device, but you still want to be able to monitor your accounts just like everyone else.  You may have seen that Optus have coded their My Optus App to the iOS and Google Play App stores.


Since BB10.2.1, the ability to install Android Apps on a BB10 device has been a welcome one.  With the Update to 10.3.1, the addition of the Amazon App store has opened up an even larger world of Apps.


The My Optus app has not yet come across to the Amazon App store, but don't despair, you can still manage your account from your phone without having to go to the website.


There are two ways of downloading and installing the My Optus App to your device.  


The first and in my opinion simplest way is to install a third party application that emulates the Google Play store called Snap.  Once installed, all you have to do is search for the My Optus app, download and install and you're in business.


If you're a little worried about installing a non-Google approved app to search through Google Play, then the other option is to install Google Play itself.  The process for doing this is a little more involved, but at the end, you have a fully functioning Google Play Store installed on your phone for you to browse and download Google apps to your hearts content.


If you use this method for extracting other apps, be warned that Google Play Services may affect the running of those apps.  However, Google Play Services do not affect the running of the My Optus app.


Information posted by community member Clancy10

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