How to change your Webmail Password

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Changing your password is easy using our online self help tools. The process differs for Pre-Paid, Post Paid, Cable, DSL and NBN customers so please ensure you're looking at the right information for your service.


Cable, DSL, NBN, Post Paid Mobile


Please read prior to changing your Post Paid password: Changing the primary usernames password may also:

  • Change your internet access password for DSL Internet Access requiring you to reconfigure your modem.
  • Change your My Account password if it shares the same username with your OptusNet account
  • Change your Member Services password (Used for online billing with Cable services)
  • Change the Account Holder's OptusNet Primary email password


  1. Login using your MyAccount username, not your service/phone number
  2. Follow the steps in the below image 


  3. Select your Fixed or Mobile Broadband service and click its "settings" tab


  4. In the 'Settings' tab go to the 'My Optus Email Accounts' option and click 'Manage'


  5. In the 'Email Accounts' screen you can view, add or remove secondary accounts or edit your primary or secondary account passwords by following the prompts. Please note:
  • If you change the primary account's password, make sure that your read the important info at the start if this article
  • If you delete a secondary email account, it cannot be recovered


Pre-Paid Mobile


You'll first need to change your password on the Optus Broadband server


  1. Log into member services and select My Internet Account.


  2. Ensure you read the important information first and then when you're happy to proceed, enter the new password you want to use towards the bottom of the webpage and confirm in the second text box


  3. Click Submit to complete the password change


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