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New Contributor it85
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How many Optus reps does it take to update an address field?

More than 4, apparently!


I moved house on the 10th and have been trying to update my address. When I attempt to do it on my profile page (address -> change -> new details -> save) the new information is ignored and nothing changes. I spent half an hour talking to three different live chat reps and by the end I was assured that it was fixed but when I check my profile page or ask another support rep what my current address is they give me my old one. Same thing happened with a phone support rep.


My question is: If live chat and phone support reps can't update an address field, who can?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: How many Optus reps does it take to update an address field?

Hmm, there's two address fields. There's your service address - the address where we've connected your service or you use the service.


There's also your billing address - The address that you're billed to and what appears on the phsyical invoice. 


I'm happy to make the change for you. If could send us a PM with your account details, that'd be great.


I need your full name, DOB and account number →

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