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New Contributor kwarde9
New Contributor

How do I to stop "additional 1GB Data add ons for $10" ??

I want to stop additional add ons when i reach my limit of 2GB data on my Optus Personal $80 Mobile Plan.

I dont want the additoinal 1GB for an extra $10 added to my data usage. I would like to know how to stop it!

Its too encouraging to keep using your data when you know you have gone over your limit for the month.


I want to be able to use just my 2GB that come with my plan and when that runs out, wait until next month for it to rest again!


Can anybody tell me how i go about this?

I really need to know how to stop the data $10 add on's




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RetiredModerator Dave

Re: How do I to stop "additional 1GB Data add ons for $10" ??

Hi kwarde,


The main feature of the My Plan is too provided additional data or minutes at a low cost if you exceed your plan. On previous plans you were charged per minute or per mb/kb for data which resulted in charges that were far higher than the $10 packs.


We've never had the option for a customers account to be restricted once they've reach their included allowance unless they were on a Pre-Paid service.

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New Contributor Overcharged123
New Contributor

Re: How do I to stop "additional 1GB Data add ons for $10" ??

Can't wait to leave optus beacuse of this stupid fee.

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