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Has everyone had the worst customer service through Optus?  Ive moved 3 teams over a 24 month NBN contract, every time ive moved Optus has resigned me to a new contract. After half a dozen hours on old I spoke to a lady in Australia who put a note on my account saying wrongly resigned up during each move.. a few weeks ago I finally didnt have a need for NBN and end my (technically) month to month plan 30 months after signing up to a 24 month contract. In my last bill I have a $133 termination fee.. I have been on hold for hours and no one understands the issue... so frustrating.


My account is now not linked up to MyOptus app and same issue ive explained and been bounced around numerous times- I just want my account linked up to MyOptus app to see bills usage etc... its beyond a joke. When I go instore they "cannot help" and then say they call the same hotlines we are on hold to forever.. 


Anyone got any tips/ suggestions or if just logging an Obudsman compaint would be the way to go as ive spent far to long trying to sort it out.. without sounding bad the second you speak to an Australian they understand what the issue is and how to resolve it... 


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Hey @Joe_Joog - Thanks for getting in touch.


This seems like a pretty simple request. Can you please confirm your account number, full name and DOB via PM? 


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Re: Horrendous Service/ Account link


Optus are appaling - I only moved to them for EPL and it was the worst experience - please get the rights back SBS

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Try and order some powerline adaptors - if I do I will then cancel Foxtel which should be a big win for Optus but its just too hard. The service is horrendous

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