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New Contributor AHN
New Contributor

Hello everyone

I’m 14GB plan usage. You guys over charging my bill this time, almost double. I cannot pay for a lot that much. 

even you guys didn’t give it any warning to over charging. 

If you gave me any warning, I would not be able to use it that much. and I didn’t know if I used over time, I need pay more. I think if I used 300 minuets, you guys block to my call. but I didn’t get any warning just got a over pay bill. It is not make sense. I can not pay this much a lot $94.25? I can not do this. I want to know the solution to my bill. Could you give me a any solution?

Thank you. 

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Hello everyone

Are you asking for a solution on how to pay the outstanding bill? Or how to manage your monthly usage?


What are you being billed for? Are you going over your monthly data limit or are you going over your 300 minutes of international calls? Look at your latest bill and see what the charges are for.


What make of phone do you have? Apple or Android?


There are many ways to take control of your spending, but first you need to know what you are spending on.




Peter Gillespie

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