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Haven't been a customer for 12+ months. Just had my credit card charged.


I noticed a charge on my credit card from Optus last week. I haven't been a customer since October 2018. I haven't received a bill from Optus for anything and there's be no emails, calls, texts or letters sent to me. The last bill I received in October 2018 was actually a credit to my account so I definitely don't owe anything.

As I stated many times back when I was an Optus customer, your back end system is screwed up and is getting me mixed up with someone else. This was confirmed by one Optus representative last year. He determined that if he put my details into one system then it'd spit out the correct details. But if it was put into some other system I'd get the other person's details. There was a 50% chance of this happening each time I'd ring up to do something. When you got it wrong you actually leaked the other customers information to me (birth year and address) when trying to verify who I was.

I'm guessing this other person owes you money and not me. I guess I don't really know or care though. I would go through the usual channels to get this solved but you guys make it damn near impossible when you're not a customer.


So here's what's going to happen next:

1. Give me my money back

2. Remove all my bank account details and credit cards from your database so this doesn't happen again. It's evident my account is in some kind of corrupt state and I'd hate to think how much of my information you have leaked to the other guy you keep getting me confused with.


I will be contacting my bank tomorrow to retrieve the money you've stolen regardless of the outcome here. I'm also considering taking this further as this level of screw up is egregious.

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Re: Haven't been a customer for 12+ months. Just had my credit card charged.

There's a few million customers. Mix ups do happen. Nothing has been 'stolen'. FWIW what you've suggested as a course of action so far will have no effect.

For one thing this is a public forum and no one can/will access your account details.

I agree the contact options for Optus when not a customer are seriously deficient. At this stage I would contact your bank (they can't get your money back) but you can cancel the direct debit arrangement from your end (they may suggest do it via Optus but they can do it for you direct).

After that perhaps the best option is to lodge a complaint which should hopefully see it properly sorted with minimal extra effort on your part.

Hit the hidden "Complaints Policy" bit on this page (that appears to deal with non customers) for much more details.

The alternative is try perhaps Optus Facebook where they might be able to deal with you on the spot.

Peter Gillespie

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Re: Haven't been a customer for 12+ months. Just had my credit card charged.

Nothing can be done via this forum, I suggest using the complaints process here:

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