Has My Account really broken down now? Add Prepaid Service Impossible!!




Just had some frustrating hours trying to deal with My Account and Live Chat. Just bought a prepaid Wifi modem, activated it and then went to add it to My Account (has 3 prepaid mobiles that were migrated in to the new system). Of course the page that comes up doesn't have a Add A Service button so I get on to Live Chat and the bloke on the end assures me it is all done and have a look in 4 hours. I check back on the screen in 5.5 hours and no change. So I go back to Live Chat and the three people I chat with eventually come up with (Amanda was the last) it is IMPOSSIBLE to add ANY prepaid service to ANY My Account record!!!!


So be warned people - don't think that you can keep all your records straight. While this was going on, one of the Chatters tells me that I only have 2 phones listed on My Account. I tell him that I am now on My Account and the pop-up that appears when you click on the pull-down definitely shows the 3 phones that were transferred eventually to the new system. Then they tried to tell me that they couldn't merge any services(???). I had never mentioned the word merge. I had to tell them (again) that all I wanted to do was add a prepaid modem to My Account so I could keep a track of usage. Apparently this is all too hard. (Incidentally you can't get to yescrowd logon in Fireox anymore.)


So be wary if you are planning to expand and consolidate anything to do with My Account. Whatever you do, don't recommend I get in touch with Live Chat again!!! Do I need to start a bogus account to keep a track of my modem?

Re: Has My Account really broken down now? Add Prepaid Service Impossible!!

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This does seem to cause a bit of confusion amongst customers.

If all prepaid services have been activated in our new system, it's linked via your unique customer ID number (different to your account or service number.

On occasion, I've seen services activated onto a separate account with its own individual customer ID number. We're unable to link more than customer ID to a single my account. In this scenario, we need to consolidate all services onto the same account. 


I'm happy to go in and take a look. I should be able to offer a bit of advice. 


I'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number. 


PM them across. 


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