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Occasional Contributor Lauren8718
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Harassing Phone Calls

Just a quick question. Have had a No Caller ID ring my phone quite regularly, all the time actually, and my phone will only store so many times in my phones recent callers/ missed callers. I was wondering if Optus could give me a list of calls incoming to my phone. Don’t need the number as I know who it Is already just would like a hard copy of how many times this person/ no caller ID has called between a certain date. 

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Crowd Champion caaf
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Re: Harassing Phone Calls

Hi there,


 You should contact the police as they'll be able to move forward and obtain the necessary info.


Supplied is a some info supplied by Optus. stop-unwelcome-or-nuisance-calls-messages

Cheers Dave

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Re: Harassing Phone Calls

Optus can probably give you a record of incoming calls to your number over a defined period. The No Caller ID would presumably show as such. Contact them on LIVECHAT or Phone and ask. They can only say no.


If possible I would suggest just not answering No Caller ID calls. Most of them are either spammers or other nuisances. Your friends and family can call with an ID. Hopefully whoever it is will give up once no one answers for a week or 10, after all they just want attention.




Peter Gillespie

RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Harassing Phone Calls

Unfortunately we don't have access to your incoming calls, but they can be requested by the police with a court order. A private number would still show as private though, this cannot be unblocked. 

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