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New Contributor Hyundai
New Contributor

Extra charge $10, for 1gb for exceeding monthly usage fee.

Okay....I get notice of exceeding 10gb.

However I am at the end of the months usage period.... so little if any of this extra 1gb is used.

As I have paid for this extra 1gb.....why do I lose this 1gb.

I believe the balance of this extra 1gb be added to my next months usage...currently 10gb.

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Extra charge $10, for 1gb for exceeding monthly usage fee.

Fair comment. Unfortunately Optus expressly state otherwise (I actually suspect their systems aren't capable of auto adding in whatever portion is left of the 1Gb. )


The fee is unreasonable on many levels. On the last day of your month, at 11.59 and 55 seconds Optus will (with a straight face) happily top customers up for 5 seconds,  add $10 to their bill before wiping the at data at midnight.


Really poor corporate behaviour IMO


Peter Gillespie

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