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Extending Invoices

Having lots of trouble extending my invoice - used to be able to do it via My Account or via the IOS app - now when I try on My Account it tells me I can't as my account number starts with a 61... Very time consuming to make the phone call when it used to be a simple online/app process - can anyone tell me why this changed and whether the online options will be made available again?
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Re: Extending Invoices

You should also be able to arrange an extension via LIVECHAT online (Phone access does appear overly time consuming).


The Optus page states: Important: If you've received a notification about a system upgrade, or if your account number is 11 digits long and starts with 62, the information on this page may not apply.


Seems 61 has been added to the list?


Perhaps contact Optus and ask why your account number begins with a 61 and if you can change it? Has it changed lately as far as you know?




Peter Gillespie

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