Email address lost but still Optus customer


I have had an Optus email address for about 20 years, first established through home Broadband Cable and Phone account with Optus in Brisbane. My wife was the account holder. This account was closed 3 months ago as the house was being sold. I have had an Optus mobile for many years and about 3 years ago set up an Optus-NBN home broadband and phone account in Launceston with myself as the primary account holder. I now find that I am unable to access my email, presumably because it is 90 days since the Brisbane account was closed. When setting up the Launceston account I was advised that my Optus email address would remain valid while was an Optus account holder, which I still am. Optus handling of the Brisbane account closure did not inspire confidence (still waiting for the Fetch Box replied paid envelope) and as an old legacy Optus cable service the account billing was always a bit odd so my email may just have inextricably tied up with that account. Any suggestions about the best way to get access to my old email again apart from the obvious grinding through the call centre route. 

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If they disabled your email the only way of getting it enabled again is via support. I assume you tried webmail to see if it is still active? Either way it shouldn't be a problem to get your email associated with your current account. Maybe have a word with support on the live chat below as they should be able to sort that out for you.



Re: Email address lost but still Optus customer


Thanks for the response. The email address was switched to the new Launceston account when it was set up 3 years ago and obviously is being recognised at some level by the Optus system as it gets me access to my account and basically everything but webmail. The newer account is one of the 062 accounts which Optus is updating at present and which, as a result, is expected to create temporary problems with account name and password changes My question to Yes Crowd is probably more about checking for systemic temporary problems that other users have been experiencing than expecting an easy fix. The original cable account that the email was created on in addition to my wifes Primary email was part of the original Optus cable network which has existed in its own little accounting world so I am still betting that moving the email address to the new account didn't actually remove it from the old account. Oh well, time to call Optus and make some new friends.

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Yes the account management side of things is messy and has been for many years. At one stage you could manage most of the secondary email functions yourself however I'm not sure what the go is now.


I also migrated my email accounts through the many different services starting at dialup then ADSL followed by cable and finally mobile broadband. I must say I never had any issues getting both my primary and secondary email accounts associated with whatever service I was using and I wouldn't expect you should have any issues either.

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Hmm, as you're already aware, we'll hold a reservation on the email address for 90 days. 

The purpose of which is to allow you to transfer contacts/important emails to a new email address or in the instance that you're relocating your migrating across to the NBN.


We do have the ability to extend the reservation (which can be done on a continual basis). We can go in and see if the reservation has expired. In the past, I've been able to initiate a request to restore the email address and its contents. 


It doesn't always work, but we can give it a shot. Can I get you to PM us with your details?


-Full name


- Account number

- Email address you'd like restored. 


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